Portugal’s property and investment market at EXPO REAL


The Portuguese commercial real estate investment market lived an outstanding first half in 2018, strengthening the growth path experienced in 2017. Meet the key players and their interesting projects at the Lisbon-booth at the EXPO REAL.

Portugal – a lively investment market in commercial property

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Since 2015, the dynamic of the investment in commercial property in Portugal has changed dramatically, the attractiveness of the Portuguese real estate industry combined with low interest rates and a broader range of international investors, allowed the transaction of larger deals and property portfolios. On the 1st half of 2018 the investment achieved €1.431 Billion, an all-time high for the Portuguese market. With several large deals being negotiated on the second half, we estimate that the total investment could reach €2.5 billion, resulting in a new consecutive record year.

Feel the pulse of Portugal: at the Lisbon stand

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Visiting the Lisbon booth at EXPO REAL is a great opportunity to feel the pulse of this extraordinary moment in real estate investment in the Lisbon Region and to learn about numerous opportunities.

The Entrecampos Operation, with 150,000 sqm of offices, 91,000 sqm of housing and 40,500 sqm of commerce right at the heart of Portugal’s Capital, with an intermodal hub (train, underground, bus) close by, is one of the largest projects Lisbon will see in the next few years and, assuredly, one of the most interesting investment opportunities offered in a European Capital. Other very interesting projects are the Affordable Rent Program (about 7,000 housing units) and the New Amusement Park of Lisbon (all from the Lisbon Municipality). You will also find projects and opportunities from Oeiras Municipality, part of Lisbon’s Metropolitan Area.

The Lisbon booth also houses opportunities offered by our co-exhibitors, companies such as B. Prime (specialised in office investments), SGAL (manages 300 acres of land in the city of Lisbon), GPA (law firm), Portugal Premium (consortium of real estate investors), MLGTS (law firm), ONARA Partners (real estate brokers and promoters), Casafari (prop tech company) and WLA Properties (real estate development company) were present in 2018.

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