Switzerland at EXPO REAL


There is still a lot of planning and building going on in Switzerland, resulting in a growing property supply. But given the lack of alternative investments, the demand for property is still extremely stable nonetheless As a consequence, property yields remain low.

Dynamic Development

Switzerland is an attractive property market – despite sometimes disparate ratios of demand and supply. Demand for office and commercial properties has dropped, resulting in lower rents and more vacancies. But this development has yet to lead to lower prices or higher yields. The reason is that investments in real estate are still attractive in an environment of low interest rates. There are simply not enough alternative investments, so planning and building activities are still very lively. You can discuss this and other topics with the renowned experts you will meet at the joint Swiss booth.

Top Exhibitors at the Swiss Booth

SwissCircle zoom SwissCircle

Obtain concentrated information from top players. You will find more than 120 specialists at the exclusive joint “Swiss Circle”: developers, general contractors, investors, architects, location promoters, and property service providers. Alongside high-ranking exhibitors, selected project highlights await you. Take the opportunity to meet the Swiss property industry at the bar of the “Swiss Circle” and keep in touch with existing contacts or make new ones. Nowhere else do so many decision-makers from the Swiss property industry come together in one place.

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