The UK Property Market at EXPO REAL

The UK Property Market at EXPO REAL

The UK is one of the top ten exhibiting countries of EXPO REAL and will be represented with its own country pavilion and numerous other exhibitors again in 2018. Visit the trade fair and learn about innovations and trends on the UK property market and get in touch with the top players!

Insights into International Property Markets, Strong Exposure of the UK and Ireland

Although the UK may goes through a hard Brexit, there have thus far been few signs that foreign investors are turning their backs on Europe’s biggest property market. Germany is still seen as a “safe haven” and thus one of the most sought-after markets for property investments. However, property investments have meanwhile become scarce in Germany, and rates of return have touched bottom. Other European markets, however, also offer reliable conditions and good investment options. The best opportunity to find out about the heterogeneous markets in Europe and elsewhere is provided by EXPO REAL, Europe’s biggest trade fair for property and investment.

The United Kingdom has highly represented at the EXPO REAL and boast a joint booth, the UK & Partners. This will give you the chance to meet the experts on the real estate industry and on the complete lifecycle of properties in the UK and Ireland. EXPO REAL offers you a unique opportunity to meet potential business partners and obtain information on the market!

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The Trade Fair for the UK Property Market: Meet the Experts at EXPO REAL

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Regions and cities will be represented at the trade fair for the British property industry, as will be various sectors of the industry: developers, investors, building contractors and architects, property managers and consultants will present themselves and their projects and give insights into international markets and the real estate industry in the UK and Ireland.

The top exhibitors in 2018 included:

  • BlackRock Investment Management
    BlackRock Investment Management is one of the leading providers of investment management, risk management and consulting services for business and private clients.
  • Cushman & Wakefield
    Cushman & Wakefield provides integrated solutions for all processes in every segment of commercial properties for owners, tenants and investors.
  • Glasgow
    The administration of the Scottish city of Glasgow, Glasgow City Council, will also be an exhibitor at EXPO REAL.
  • InterContinental Hotels Group PLC
    InterContinental Hotels Group PLC is a British company with its place of business in Denham near London and the biggest hotel chain of the world in terms of the number of its rooms.
  • Knight Frank LLP
    Knight Frank LLP is an estate agency, residential and commercial property consultancy founded in London by John Knight, Howard Frank and William Rutley in 1896.
  • Logicor
    Logicor specializes in the acquisition of new assets, the construction and development of property extensions, leasing and property management.
  • Real Capital Analytics, Inc.
    Real Capital Analytics, Inc (RCA) is the source of information on the commercial property market for companies, transactions and trends.

Tip: In the Online Catalog you will find the portraits of all exhibitors 2019 from the UK.

The UK & Partners – Discover the gateway to Europe


The UK and Ireland are so well represented at the EXPO REAL. The pavilion is a hub for delegates to discover investment opportunities and forge new partnerships with those that are driving the industry forward. It will also host debates with the world’s largest investors, developers and major influencers that will explain how to best access the UK property market.

Meet the Top Exhibiting Partners at the UK & Partners

A broad spectrum of experts on the UK property sector and regarding property and investment matters will be present at the UK and Ireland Pavilion. The EXPO REAL 2019 trade fair will included a range of top exhibiting partners.

The exhibiting partners of the pavilion 2019 included:

  • Belfast City Council
  • Invest Liverpool
  • Lancashire Enterprise Partnership
  • Gleeds Advisory Limited
  • Malcolm Hollis
  • UCEM
  • Homes England
  • BPF

The UK Outlook – EXPO REAL 2019


The UK is facing a change in its relationship with the European Union. EXPO REAL recently hosted with Nuveen a wide ranging debate in London and captured views of the public and private sector on the outlook for the UK, Foreign Direct Investment and Capital Flows. We looked at where the opportunities are within the UK market for investment, exploring the growth sectors as well as regional opportunities. With short term disruption providing opportunity, increased regional liquidity, the importance of logistics and multi-let industrial and an target of 300,000 new homes per year the debate shone a light on investible propositions.


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