Intelligent urbanization: concepts for the big cities of tomorrow

Concepts for big cities

By 2050 one of every three people will live in a big city—which is also a challenge for the property industry. How do we do justice to urbanization? What concepts can ensure the quality of life and mobility? And what about the economic aspects? Experts from research and practice will discuss and present these topics in the INTELLIGENT URBANIZATION FORUM.

Intelligent urbanization—approaches toward finding solutions to the problems confronting intelligent urban development

Urbanization is inexorably accelerating: by 2050 one of every three people are expected to live in a big city. The sustainable urban development of conurbations offers attractive opportunities for the property industry—but also poses enormous challenges.

Sustainable urban planning: finding answers together

Intelligent, trendsetting solutions are needed for building technology and the infrastructure to provide trendsetting solutions:

  • How can existing structures be used best?
  • What mobility concepts do conurbations need?
  • What supports the well-being, quality of life and safety of their citizens?
  • And what about the economic aspects?

You will find the answers at the special EXPO REAL show. In the INTELLIGENT URBANIZATION FORUM you will meet experts from research and practice, who will shed light on issues in and approaches toward finding solutions to the problems confronting the cities of the future: with trendsetting concepts in an exhibition and a special, top-notch conference program.

Special show with an attractive program

The INTELLIGENT URBANIZATION FORUM 2019 will focus on two trend-setting, exceptional concepts for sustainable urban development. These are the two exhibition partners of this special show, who will be pleased to explain their concepts to you in a personal exhibition presentation and to answer your questions. You would like to know more about the individual projects? Just click on one of the following bullet points.

Smart city life—vision versus reality

What do the cities of the future look like? Register now for one of the limited roundtable places and join in!

The event "Smart City Life" has the motto: “From vision to realism.”
Join us in discovering solutions that make the city of the future worth living in, integrate working and living environments and use resources efficiently and climate friendly.

Impressions Intelligent Urbanization Forum:

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